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    365 casino

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        1. Creating for Tomorrow

          Creating for Tomorrow

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                                  The trend of dividends paid and to be paid by bat365 login Corp.

                                2. Our basic policy on shareholder returns is to aim for stable dividends and continuous dividend increases from a medium- to long-term perspective through the sustained generation of cash flow while paying close attention to the balance between investments for growth and our financial position. Specifically, we aim to steadily raise dividends while maintaining a payout ratio of around 30% to 40% and considering the ratio of dividends to shareholders’ equity.

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                                    Interim* Year-end* Total* Dividends/consolidated net income
                                    FY2021 17 17 (forecast) 34 (forecast) 25.4% (forecast)
                                    FY2020 17 17 34 59.1%
                                    FY2019 18 16 34 45.4%
                                    FY2018 17 17 34 32.2%
                                    FY2017 14 20 34 27.9%
                                    FY2016 10 14 24 29.1%
                                    FY2015 10 10 20 30.4%
                                    FY2014 9 10 19 25.1%
                                    FY2013 7 10 17 23.5%
                                    FY2012 7 7 14 36.4%


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